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We are inventors, creators, and very passionate about helping to make technology keep everyone safer and more productive on and off the road.

We are inventors, creators, and very passionate about helping

We are inventors, creators, and very passionate about helping to make technology keep everyone safer and more productive on and off the road. Our company Port Nexus (Port – point of entry and exit and Nexus – the point where things connect /intersect), was formed in 2006 expecting technology to evolve to where we are today. In 2012 we launched Associate PLEDGE our motion aware systems to stop the use of the mobile device while in motion by the drivers of company vehicles.

Not a rearview camera

Keep drivers from making mistakes.

Most systems provide you with a view of what happened to improve through education and coaching. We provide the tools to stop the activity from being possible. In fact, our clients tell us that using cameras alone shows them how badly they need our tools to stop the use of mobile devices in the first place.

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Business Owner

Distracted Driving is dangerous yet chances are your drivers are doing it. Why?

Business Owner

Try Associate PLEDGE free for 10 days and prove it to yourself.
Insurance Companies

More and more Insurance companies are purchasing Associate PLEDGE for their insureds that are having difficulty stopping Distracted Driving because it has been proven to be effective and profitable to do so.

Company Driver

Give this to your family and they will be able to reach you safely when it is urgent.

Company Driver

This is all about you! everyone wants to see you get home safe every night and not hurt anyone; none of them know you are driving when they are trying to reach you. PLEDGE will inform them where possible and let you know when you do need to be involved so you can drive safely without distraction.
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Your Safety Companion

Welcome to PortNexus! We are all about providing you the ability to monitor your driver’s safety compliance and thereby increase accident prevention while at the same time reducing your exposure to vicarious liability lawsuits resulting from distracted drivers and other unsafe driving actions

These are the technologies that they're using:

Our clients have been using our own since:

  • IOT systems in 2014,
  • Big Data systems  and Intelligent systems 2018.

Now we are working to stop bad things from happening, pro-actively. 

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We have continued to invent!

As Distracted Driving continued to become a greater threat to the quality of life of people, Our continued path of development has supported our plan to remotely return control of the mobile landscape to the companies that employ mobile workers.

In 2014 we created our own IoT infrastructure ( IQconNexus) This is our intelligent-based system that connects everything together with an IP address. This lets our systems talk and instruct other things (Websites, databases, other systems, Cameras, Telematics, and other Smart devices) today what to do and chatter between these devices to augment decisions of what happens next. Today, they refer to this as Edge Computing.

With this design, we are able to connect to existing databases and convert information into instructions to quickly analyze what is happening to avoid bad things from happening by sharing this information between systems and people.

In 2018 this evolved into our Big Data system we call Periscope. Periscope continues to evolve connecting and listening to the chatter between devices, checking the chatter against the rules that are set by the company to provide intelligence as to what should happen based on the chatter it is hearing.

Periscope is separated into three basic components:

1. Data capture – Connected to devices and databases of other things and systems, when there is an incident such as a forward collision, Periscope is able to talk to the different systems sharing a point in time and event to collect and organize information across systems.

2. Data visualizer – Organizes information into useful views. Below is an example of the instant view that sequences information across all systems reporting based on time when an event happens. This is used by management during reconstruction to determine what else was influencing the driver behavior and to identify the urgency and severity of an event.

3. In 2020 we created the Data Intelligence and analyzing components it is able to constantly monitor information such as data feeds from Geotab to monitor against variables known to create greater risks. for example, monitoring Seatbelt use, Windshield wiper access and even tire pressure and temperature provides not only information that helps to visualize what may be more of the causes when there is an event but also safety triggers that reach thresholds to avoid things such as tire blow outs.

It is our current mission to monitor and stop bad things from happening and use the data feeds to provide more Realtime decisions for the companies that use it.

Our systems have been built to take advantage of what comes next. We developed our own IOT systems, Big Data systems and Intelligent systems. A.I. requires that the machine learn from itself, ours follows directions set by humans.

Because this data is liquid, the same data can be reformatted to the driver in a useful way for coaching and Self Coaching as below.

This same data is used to ensure that events are coached, closed and documented to prove the company is being diligent in monitoring the drivers and improvement.

Finally, accessing this data we are able to present customized and personalized reporting in the format the company wants it in that is useful and insightful.

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By properly using our service, our clients have been stopping the risks that put their companies, drivers and the rest of us at risk caused by their drivers driving distracted.

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