Prevent crashes, protect your brand and control insurance costs.

Boost driver safety compliance, reduce accidents, minimize liability risks.

When your insurance company requires Dash Cameras, Telematics, or Distracted Driving Systems, turn to PortNexus to transform your phone into the ultimate solution.

PortNexus, since 2012, has been pivotal in helping companies reduce loss ratios by minimizing driver distractions.

Our Associate PLEDGE program transforms smartphones into dash cams and telematics tools, offering key insights for effective driver coaching and management.

This strategic approach not only boosts insurability in today’s stringent insurance landscape but also streamlines risk management.

Explore the value of Associate PLEDGE, affordably priced at a maximum price of just $15 per mobile device per month.

This is what our clients want you to know

National Beverage Distributor

Pledge provides a sense of security that our drivers are not distracted which is invaluable today.

Large Field Service Company

Post deployment in 2012 we saw a 31% drop in the first 30 days and since a 93% reduction in incidents. 

Pledge is one of the reasons that we have cut our loss ratios in half and grown to a billion dollar company in the past 5 years.  

Medium Size HVAC 

Provides safe use of phones while driving. 

Easy to keep up to date.

Specialty lines Insurance Carrier

It turns my clients phones into a full featured fleet and risk management system complete with dash camera and telematics. 

I recommend it as a low cost complete Distracted Driving solution. 

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Business Owner

Distracted Driving is dangerous yet chances are your drivers are doing it. Why?

Business Owner

Try Associate PLEDGE free for 10 days and prove it to yourself.
Insurance Companies

More and more Insurance companies are purchasing Associate PLEDGE for their insureds that are having difficulty stopping Distracted Driving because it has been proven to be effective and profitable to do so.

Company Driver

Give this to your family and they will be able to reach you safely when it is urgent.

Company Driver

This is all about you! everyone wants to see you get home safe every night and not hurt anyone; none of them know you are driving when they are trying to reach you. PLEDGE will inform them where possible and let you know when you do need to be involved so you can drive safely without distraction.
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Use our interactive simulator to try out our product and features for yourself!

Watch the video to learn from a driver, likely similar to yours, what distracts them—it’s not what you think.

Our product suite gives you the tools you need to be able to remotely but in real-time monitor your drivers and the systems to pro-actively stop bad things from happening in the first place due to driver distraction of mobile devices.

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