When every second counts, MyFlare Alert™ Early Warning System™ shaves minutes

MyFlare Alert™ ensures that First Responders reach the scene faster than with conventional 911 calls. It also equips the Dispatch Center with advanced capabilities to communicate critical information and coordinate the First Responder team’s actions before they’re overwhelmed with emergency calls from 911.

An alarm is triggered and just,

1/2 a second later,

SightDesktm automatically displays the exact location of the shooter alarm on the monitor in the police dispatchers command room and in the squad cars, so almost instantly, everyone knows exactly where the crisis is and starts to move to engage.

3 seconds later,

With SightDesktm in operation, the screen instantaneously displays live video and audio feeds. This rapid accessibility empowers the Dispatch center to quickly discern genuine threats from false alarms.

Equipped with heightened situational awareness, SightDesktm facilitates seamless visual, auditory, and collaborative interactions between the operator and individuals on-site.


SRO’s, and other First Responder team mdembers receive the same information for continuity and control from the Command Center using SightDesk.

5 – Seconds into the Alarm

Dispatch can cruise the surrounding areas on SightDesk and gain information from other parties with MyFlare Alert or individuals near a Wall Alarm.

The time saved from the initial alert allows the dispatch center to start managing the situation before the dispatch center is overwhelmed with 911 calls.

Watch the video that shows you how we shaved over 2 minutes off response time from traditional methods, in this live drill

In the midst of chaos, MyFlare Alert stands as the ultimate line of defense.