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Be a Part of the Future with WeMessageSafe BETA Testing!

🌟 Join our Beta Testing Program and play a pivotal role in evolving messaging safety. It's more than just a trial; it's your opportunity to shape the future of secure texting.

Experience WeMessageSafe firsthand and contribute your invaluable feedback.

🚗 Introducing WeMessageSafe by Port Nexus

Drive with peace of mind! This app intelligently queues your messages while you’re at the wheel, only alerting you when it’s safe. Designed for both small businesses and families, WeMessageSafe nudges you to stay focused on the road. In urgent situations, a distinct tone signals the need to check your phone. Ready for more features? Explore Associate PLEDGE for comprehensive control and reporting.

Drive safely, stay seamlessly connected.

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We Message

Texting and driving, no more.

Introducing WeMessageSafe: Seamless Safety for Every Drive

One App, Total Focus: WeMessageSafe becomes your default messaging app. And the best part? Your contacts don’t need to switch – they can text you like always.

Drive Without Distractions: Once activated, no texts in or out while you’re moving. Passenger? No worries. WeMessageSafe knows when you’re not the driver.

Drive with peace of mind: essential alerts prompt you to pull over safely and respond when it truly matters.

Setup in a Flash: Just two steps to a safer drive:

a. Grab WeMessageSafe from the PlayStore.

b. Select ‘Set as Default’ when prompted.

Arrive & Sync: Feel the rush of incoming messages after your drive, much like turning off airplane mode post-flight. Everything synchronizes seamlessly when you stop.

Choose safety without compromise. Choose WeMessageSafe.


Ensure no texts on the road-family or work

Download. Set Default. Drive Safe.

Experience WeMessageSafe firsthand and contribute your invaluable feedback.