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Welcome to PortNexus! We are all about providing you the ability to monitor your driver’s safety compliance and thereby increase accident prevention while at the same time reducing your exposure to vicarious liability lawsuits resulting from distracted drivers and other unsafe driving actions
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Core Vendor Functions

Purpose of Integration

Integration extends core vendor functions to invent a completely elevated joint solution that increases safety for the clients, their drivers and the road in general. Done properly, each vendor does what they do best, and the combined solutions provide the best possible solution today and in the future.

Learn more about the integrations and how they help you and your organization be more productive and safer on and off the road. please click on their logo and you will be redirected to a special booth that lets you self learn as much as you want about the integration purpose and benefit to you as now a unified solution.

We welcome new partners that want to build with us or market with us.

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