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Texting and driving, no more.

The WeMessageSafe messaging platform reshapes mobile communication to reduce temptations caused by smartphones and to keep you focused on the road.

We learned from observing data that drivers were prone to using their own phone so that family could reach them when it was urgent. 

To stop this distraction and the need of a second phone, we launched We Message Safe; an app that is motion controlled, and provides the family member the ability to:

  • See that the driver is driving, 
  • Create texts, pictures etc. and send them naturally and know that the driver will get them when they stop,
  • Reach the driver safely if it is a family emergency, by pressing a button that will set off a tone on the phone of the driver that lets them know they need to pull over and engage, something important has happened. 

All other information the sender is sending is held at our servers until the Driver stops driving. When the driver receives the message the sender is aware by a change in color of the message. This also can be related to the Live Drive section as a way for the family members to reach the driver when urgent.

Download the WeMessageSafe Beta app (Available on Android) and create a culture of safety in a wireless world with your loved ones and friends.

With MyFlare

Before You Install

Before you install WeMessageSafe you must set “Unknown Sources” in your Android settings. Do the following on your Android phone:
  1. Open Android Settings
  2. Open Security Settings
  3. Check Unknown Sources

The WeMessageSafe installation package will download to your phone. After it has downloaded click on the file named WMS20.apk to start the installation.
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