Fleet Management

Fleet Management


PortNexus has integrated with Geotab to provide an even more effective Safety & Fleet Management system. Gathers information from the computer in the vehicle and makes this information useful for maintaining your fleet, providing your ELD / HOS system and dozens of other important parts of your transportation business.
Gathers information from the mobile device, users interactions and the environment of the vehicle. The purpose of PLEDGE is to use the data inputs to stop the drivers from using and being distracted by the mobile device which is governed by the rules of the company.

When GEOTAB join the other systems (Camera, tire maintenance, fuel management, navigation, mobile management, risk and safety etc.) share data across the PortNexus platform which is monitoring the chatter of information across all of the systems.

This chatter allows our systems to set rules and monitor the chatter for warning signs that can then take action to keep an event from happening.

What is it worth to know a tire is going hot and is underflated before it blows out in time to get the driver off the road?.

This greatly increases the safety of the fleet because information that feeds in to you fleet management sytem for management now becomes signals for our platform to act upon.

Reports to our data aggregator (Periscope) to bring critical knowledge to the forefront for the Safety Director to determine what really happened, plan the next action, and use the information to coach the driver more effectively.