Watch Dog - Automated Driver Reports


The Watch Dogs tab allows driver violations to be reported to  supervisors by e-mail and/or text in real time and/or by a daily summary. Create the Watch Dog by filling in the fields on the watch dog screen.  The (1) User ID and (2) Password must be different than those used to login to the PLEDGE console.  Enter the Watch Dog’s (3) First/Last Name (4) Email Address and (5) Mobile Phone number if SMS notification is desired, or numeral ‘1’ if SMS notifications are NOT desired.  Next, check the boxes as desired for (6)“Email violations immediately” and (7) “Email a Summary of Violations.”   Check the (8) Man Down box if your company has purchased this feature for extended notifications to Watch Dogs and concerned persons outside of your organization (i.e. family members, physician, etc).

How to setup a pledge watch dog to automatically receive pledge driver activity

The Watch Dog feature allows both (1) instant reporting of  violations to the Watch Dog’s  email and optionally, as a text when the mobile number is inserted.

Checking the box (2) Email a Summary of Violations  to receive a daily report of violations.  That report will indicate driving incidents in Pacific Standard Time (PST).  Incidents reported to the console (Individual or Department search) are displayed in local time of the computer being viewed

Both boxes may be checked in order to receive both instant and daily summary of violations.

Pledge time fencing utility, when is pledge active on smart phones




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