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Associate Pledge management console departmental search


To find an employee’s incident report through a Department search, select the (1) Departments tab.  From the Department window, click on the down arrow and a listing of all departments will appear.  Select the appropriate department (2) from this list.  Then select the radio button next to the (3) employee’s mobile number and name then click on Find Violations for Users.  A (4) listing of incidents will appear.  Select (5) Incident, (6) Information, or (7) Both.


Search on departmental search in associate pledge for driver activity




A department search will list all drivers within a specific department.  Under the column titled (1) Last Check-in will list the date and time

that the driver’s device last communicated with the PLEDGE server.

The PLEDGE server pings each device every day to ensure the device is communicating.

departmental search for Pledge driver activity


To search on a specific driver’s activity, select the (1) radio button to the left the driver’s then a (2) date or a date range, then select (3) Find Violations for User and

a (4) list of incidents for that driver will display.  To the far right of the each incident there is a both a (5) map and (6) clock icon.  See the next slide for explanation of the map icon.

If you hover your mouse cursor over the clock icon then the GPS time will appear providing the exact time that the incident occurred.

Pledge management department search for texting drivers


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