Enabling White List Applications - Android Feature


To allow a driver to view the last application running after Pledge activates, log on to the PLEDGE Management Console and check the box in the Features Menu (1)  Allow White  Listed Application to Run While Driving. Pledge will not restrict any application and the (2) application may be viewed until the driver swipes or taps the screen.  Should the driver touch or swipe the screen the option list as selected will appear on the (3) driver's handset.

Pledge, while listing, Pocket Ports, Distracted Driving


White List Applications - Levels II & III

To enable White List Applications, log on to the PLEDGE Management Console and check, the box on the Features Menu (1) Allow White Listed Applications to Run While Driving.  This will permit only white listed applications to operate while Pledge is activated.

Your Corporate Distracted Driving Policy may permit the use of multiple applications while Android handsets are in motion and under the control of PLEDGE.  This is extremely useful for client specific applications such as in-house dispatching.  Any application installed on the Android handset may be permitted to operate on any of three levels of interaction or not at all.  Level II and III white listing are Extra Value features not included in the basic package.

Open the Associate PLEDGE White List application on the administrator's Android handset and enter your administrative (2) User ID and (3) Password.  The list of all apps installed to company Androids will appear.  To the left of the listed application are two check boxes labeled (4) Allow App and (5) Allow Interaction.

White Listing Level II, feature setting and handset application confirmation

Scroll to the smart phone application that you wish your drivers to have access to while the handset is controlled by PLEDGE.  Place a check in the box marked  (1) Allow APP to allow the driver to view only specific applications.  To allow a driver to interact with the specific application, also place a check in the box next to the listed application (2) Allow Interaction.  Only applications marked with permissions will be able to be accessed by your drivers once PLEDGE Version 9.X has been installed to the Android and the handset booted or verified.

White Listing and Pocket Ports application selection on manager's smart phone



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