Pledge Enterprise

Z7.) Appendix C > Use of a Log File for Forensic Investigation

Downloading a trace file from the management console

Z6.) Appendix B > Apple device Deployment Guide

Installing PLEDGE on an iOS device, and the iPhone driver experience

Editing Driver Information & Job Description

How to change a driver's name, phone number, organization, department and job description

Associate PLEDGE Driver Experience

Overview of driver experience on Android, iOS, and Blackberry

Z3.) Data Recording Terms and Typical Console Report Results

How to read driver activity on the management console

Y.) Live Drive > Trace File for Trouble Shooting

Download a trace file for trouble shooting purposes

X.) Live Drive > Get Device Information

View status of smart phone (battery & sigmal strength), network connectivity, etc.

Distance to a Location

How to view all drivers within a department on a map, location snap shot

Z2.) Live Drive > Find Driver: Download GPS Data

Download a driver's GPS data after tracking on a map

Z1.) Live Drive > Find Driver: Tower Icon

Tower Icon definition, when tracking a driver


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