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The following are instructions of what to do next:


  1. Activate the phone by calling 866-895-1099. Please have your number to be activated, account holders social security number and billing zip code ready handy. You will find new phone number on the att invoice slip, or on the device box itself.   


  1. If you need to port existing number such as your old phone number into this new number please call 800-999-5445 option number #5


  1. Please call MyServiceForce at  866-966-6111  to finish your Application configuration


  1. Power up the device by removing it from box attaching the included power cord and plug-in it into electrical outlet for 15 minutes


  1. If you have ordered RedFly, please follow the directions included in the box to pair it wirelessly with your phone. If you want to connect the device and Epix, locate the cord and plug one end into Epix, the other into RedFly. For Bluetooth connection please refer to the directions in the user manual that will come whtih your RedFly.  HELP # for RedFly is  888-4REDFLY


  1. Your screen will look like this first, select AHS logo with your finger or stylus



  1. This screen is your AHS application start up screen



This is your Field Master screen, if you have your company information enter it here, if not please call MyServiceForce at  866-966-6111 


  1. To set up your email, go back to your initial AHS screen. Click Mailbox - Com button



9. Your next screen will look like this, click Email and follow the instructions




For more guidance please see your phone user manual.


10. If you have issues setting up your email please contact att customer service at 800-331-0500 option 1, then 0, then 2


11.Additionally, this is your tool screen, where you can  find tools you can use on daily basis



  1. if you have any other questions please call us PortNexus at: 877-885-4619 option 3

  2. If you have lost your interface email me: you will receive 2 emails back within 24hrs. Open the emails on your MOBILE DEVICE email Outlook. IF you do not know how to do that refer to your user manual.

  3. Open each one of the files by double taping them. Allow the file to expand.

  4. Installation will start and then the Mobile Device will restart - go dark and restart.

  5. Important: when Mobile Device is back on you need to look for a yellow PDA icon, double click it and while it is spinning, select by tapping the American home Shield ActiveX while the wheel is spinning and wait a second for it to load.

    17. If everything is right you will see the big red AHS logo as the first button, which will NOT work.

    18. Now you will EXPLODE the applications, so they will work.

    19. On your mobile device go to: PROGRAMS - Applications - File Explorer - look for MY DOCUMENTS

    20. Scroll down look for yellow button boxes that correspond to the 6 files you have downloaded.

    21. Start taping, save the RED FLY for LAST. Do that will all 6 files, saving RED FLY for Last.

    22. Save the files to your device when given the choice.

    23. when you tap the REDFLY the device will reset itself when it comes back look for the big AHS logo, now it should all work.


    if that does not work follow the directions below

    1. On Your Computer create a folder, remember its name and location

    2. Download the following into the folder on your computer (6 files)

    link1, link2, link3, link4, link5, link6

    3. Link1 is special - unzip with unzip utility the file will have .xml at the end, throw away the Link1 zip, so you do not get confused.

    4. connect your computer with your Mobile Device via ActiveSync

    5. transfer the files to your Mobile Device, reference Microsoft if you do not know how to - Google - Microsoft active sync

    6. go to step 14 above and follow the instructions steps 14 to 22.

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