Texting And Driving Safety Solutions For The Mobile Workforce

The rapidly expanding world of mobile gadgets is changing the way we work.  There are risks for organizations whose employees are often on the road and trying to stay ahead on their jobs.

Texting While Driving: Policy Is Just Not Enough

Most organizations today have a policy for how employees are supposed to use mobile devices on the road and elsewhere. However, agencies are often unaware how those devices truly are being used until an unfortunate accident occurs. The pressure to work while traveling is great. The job does not stop just because you are on the road to the next appointment; the drive to serve and solve problems is a tempting force. However, the safety and integrity of the organization and the citizens you serve is equally as important.

Protection + Awareness + Locating + Safefty Enforcement

Enterprise PLEDGE empowers your organization to increase visibility into employee device usage while driving. By putting the organization in proactive position, Enterprise PLEDGE enables the organization to better enforce mobile device policy and identify employees who violate this policy and put the organization, themselves and others at risk. Restricting the functional usage of the device while on the move can help keep employees safe. Notifications of employees breaking policy, audit trails for compliance and gps tracking ensure you know the who, what, where, when and how. You can even configure policies for individual departments or employees, extending and customizing your mobile device policy as necessary.

Pledge to protect the organization, the employee and the citizens you seek to serve with Enterprise PLEDGE.